Who drives on sand anyway?

This weekend I decided to go to Utah with Ryan to get some photos for my BFA project. You'll probably be confused when you start to see all of these crazy photos with chairs but I'll explain my concept for my BFA project later when I have more shots to show. In a mean time, here is a preview of what I had to get to go through what I did on Friday night (I'll post more when I get them edited at least. The color really doesn't show well on here.). Here's the story:
We started the trip out by going to the north shore of the Salt Lake (just by the Spiral Jetty if anyone is familiar). It is absolutely an amazing area!! It was perfect for what I needed and had in mind. The water is SO shallow on the north shore that you can seriously walk around in the lake. Ryan thought it would be helpful to get as close as we could to the shoreline so he got off the road and kept driving...and kept driving...and kept driving. I was starting to get nervous because this place didn't look like the most stable area in the world. It's surrounded by salt flats and unpredictable ground-but he comforted me by showing me the previous tire tracks in front of us and said "If they can do it, so can I". And....you guessed it.
Unfortunately, we ran into a little detour. But don't worry it was only for about 8 HOURS!!!!! DUH! Who drives on sand anyway?! Well I guess Ryan has his way of getting himself into trouble (like being stuck twice already in the last month). I ran out and took my photos because the sun was already starting to set. So there I was...walking ankle deep in freezing water taking pictures while Ryan was literally under the car trying to dig us out. We are INSANE! Who does this for a measly photo? 
By the time I had gotten back to the car, Ry was still digging the car out. All of a sudden we see headlights off in the distance which was crazy because we were seriously in the middle of nowhere. WE WERE FINALLY SAVED! We turned on our hazards to let them know we were in trouble. The car kept coming towards us, and then stopped and turned it's lights off. We were so confused! And it was dark outside by then and we couldn't see a trace of them anywhere. I immediately thought they were coming to kill us or something and that we had to get out of there STAT. We had dug the car out as much as he could and we thought we'd give it another try. Of course, it wasn't that easy. The car sunk back down to the frame. I was starting to panic. By this time it was 9PM, dark, we were potentially going to be murdered by the freaks in this mystery car, and we were in the middle of NOWHERE. Seriously it was 45 minutes to the nearest town. Just then, the car's lights turn back on and the car simply drives away. So now they were just going to leaving us here to die!? I guess they weren't murderers after all....I've seen one too many scary movies!

There was nothing left to do but try and get help. Ryan's phone died and mine was completely out of service. We thought that we had no choice but to sleep there and hike out in the morning. Then, out of nowhere Ry found his car charger in the center console. (Miracle #1) He tried to make some phone calls but nothing was going out until he tried calling Callen and Kellie, Ry's brother-in-law and sister. The call goes through!! (Miracle #2) They decided to come meet us out there to come to our rescue. (Miracle #3...let's face it. After all the stories I've heard, Ryan didn't really deserve to be rescued from Kellie that night.) After that phone call, Ryan couldn't get another call out to anyone. All we could do then was sit and wait for another couple hours. Luckily we had Arrested Development in our car so the wait really wasn't bad. A few hours later, a big truck started to drive down towards us...but it wasn't Kellie and Callen. It was the county sheriff. He told us the mysterious car that came before came to help us, but got scared thinking we were sitting there, stuck, to trick them into coming down there and then we'd rob them or something. How sad is it that people don't trust each other anymore. I was scared of them and they were scared of us.
 Finally Kellie and Callen came and they completely saved us. They towed us out at about midnight, still leaving us with a 3 hour drive to Ryan's parents house. But thanks to Kellie and Callen, we weren't sleeping out there.
Needless to say, I really hope my photographs were worth the trip!


Paul Mitchell Shoot

This last week I did a photoshoot with some of the students from the Paul Mitchell school (www.hairacademypm.com) here in Rexburg. I was out on location with them all day. They did a GREAT job doing hair and makeup! If you like the styling I can hook you up with the stylists responsible. They are amazing. I was going to post my favorite shots but the color is really off on this thing. If you want to see the real thing check out my flickr account.


Brand New Blogger

Hey everyone. I suck at this blog thing but I'm going to try and be better. A lot has been going on this semester! I started working on my BFA Final Senior project (I'm sure I'll post more on that later) which I'll show in December. I'm also planning on graduating in December! We also found out we're moving to Philly for the summer!! We're only a few hours away from New York so the wives will be taking some trips there I'm sure. I've also been taking a Historical Photography Processes class which I actually have come to find is one of my favorite photography classes yet. I decided to post a couple of my favorite photos that I've done in the class so far: (from the bottom up) kallotype, cyanotype and a gumprint. Enjoy.