a yoga summer

Lately I've been feeling extremely inspired. I came out to Philly with a couple of simple projects and goals in mind but now I feel like I don't have enough time for everything I want to do! I have a million books I want to read, small (oh and BIG) projects I want to make, recipes I want to try, photography techniques I want to learn, and even perfecting a small green thumb (yes my tomatoes have failed miserably so far). One of my goals this summer was to get into shape and do a lot more yoga. I've been a huge fan for a while, but with school and everything I haven't had time to do it as much as I would like. One really great thing that I've just come across is this yoga video. It's Jennifer Aniston's trainer and she goes through the same workout she usually does with Jennifer Aniston. I know a couple of you are yoga lovers (Heather I knew you would like this) and that you would enjoy this workout. 


finally in philly

After about 36 hours of driving we finally made it to PHILLY! It was a LONG drive and when we figured out that our GPS was set to the wrong address, it was an even longer ride (about a 2 and a half hour detour). Needless to say, Ryan and I weren't the happiest when we finally pulled in at 7 am (we decided driving for 2 days and through the night definitely shouldn't be allowed for our marriage's sake) but once we had a good nights rest we found that we LOVE Philly!!
 Winston is simply the BEST little traveler ever. He slept almost the entire way.
A bunch of us went out downtown for our first ever Philly Cheesesteaks. They were delish-just make sure you get the cheese wiz (I know it sounds nast but it really was so good!) We can't wait to see what else Philly has in store for us. After working SO hard with my last semester (but it paid off with straight A's! YES!), I'm SO ready to relax and enjoy another great summer away.


Hens Have Gobblies..Who Knew?

I needed a rooster for this crazy photoshoot idea that I had for my chair BFA project. Once I found a lady who told me I could come to her farm and catch whatever I needed, I volunteered Ryan to help me. This place was honestly nuts. There were all kinds of birds running around free, giant turkeys chasing us, even a wild moose walked through at one point. I kept pestering Ry, "Catch that one!" "What are you waiting for, that one's perfect!" while he ran around trying to grab one. He will NEVER admit it, but he was freaking out the whole time that it was going to peck him or something. We finally cornered what we thought was a rooster in a cage and headed out to an old barn.
Once we got there I figured we could just set it on the chair and I would snap a few photos. Unfortunately, the following picture is what actually happened once we set the so called rooster on the chair.

20 minutes later we caught it, pulled the string out of my hoodie and tied it to the chair. From then on, the shoot went fairly well. When we got home I was so excited to show everyone my photos. They sadly informed us that our 'rooster' was actually a hen. Oops. It turned out ok though, yet much more difficult than we anticipated. Here's the final shot...