recap (and big news).

Kind of pathetic. I haven't written for 4 months. Sorry all. How about a little recap? 
Trust me. You'll want to know some of this stuff.

  • Felt sick to my stomach. Went to the doctor. Had my appendix out that night.
  • Two of my images hung in the Best In Show Exhibit at Alpine Art SLC. Recovering from surgery. Didn't get to see them.
  • Ryan started working full time at Adobe. He loves it. I love their building and their cafeteria food. Come try it.
  • Saw Real Salt Lake team play for Ryan's birthday. Went golfing for Ryan's birthday. Ate Terra Mia for Ryan's birthday. Spent a complete birthday together since we've been married.
  • Went home for the 4th of July. Made a sweet flag cake with my brother. Lit fireworks. Winston tried to eat the fireworks. Made smores in my parents fire-pit. Got smoked out.
  • Went to Girls Camp. Loved it. Tried to teach them how to light a fire. Wasn't a good teacher. Girls gave me 'SuperWoman Award'. Went on a hike. Got stuck in a thunderstorm. Spent the next hour in my sleeping bag trying to get warm. 
  • Decided our sleeping pad for camping was stupid. Bought a new one.
  • Drug Ryan to Harry Potter the night before it came out. Snuck in a pizza. Loved it.
  • Went to a Bee's game with Logan and Amy. Ate a hot dog. Ate icecream. Started raining. Thought about getting hot chocolate.
  • Spoke in church. When I wrote it I tested a joke on Ryan. He told me it wasn't a joke.
  • Went to a co-workers baby shower. Want a baby. Been trying for a while...
  • First day of the month. Feeling really sick. Friend at work gets a pregnancy test for me and makes me take it in the bathroom. Find out I'm pregnant. (WOOT!) Tell Ryan by putting the test in an envelope on his car. Watch him open the envelope from a distance. Feel like I want to cry but I can only smile.
  • Keep feeling sick. Throw up. Throw up again. Throw up again.
  • Sister and mom come to visit. Buy maternity clothes with mom. Take sister and kids to water park. Liam keeps falling in the water and stealing people's tubes. Makes me laugh. Go to the zoo. Ride the mary-go-round. Go to my brothers. Whole family gets into a scary video game. Spend hours playing it. Try to distract kids from watching it.
  • Crave Olive Garden Salad and Breadsticks. Ate it twice in a week.
  • Crave Denny's. Ryan warns me nobody feels good after eating Denny's. Throw up as soon as I get home.
  • Go to the Doctor. Get an ultrasound. Get to see baby and hear the heartbeat. Ry gets teary. I get teary. Cry as soon as I get in the car.
  • Tell Ryan what size fruit the baby is. He says its weird they compare it to food.
  • Throw up in the bathroom at work. 
  • Ryan finishes his first Triathlon. Was worried his sister would beat him. She got close.
  • Show Ryan a picture of an actual baby our size in the womb. He gets creeped out. 
  • Tell Ryan a few baby names. He hates them all. Tells me a few names. I hate them too. 
  • Baby will have no name.
  • Ryan does a presentation. Impresses his boss. Gets hired at Adobe for the school year.
  • Have a tickle in my throat. Makes me throw up.
  • Feel really dizzy. Co-worker tells me I'm acting like I'm high. Almost pass out. Boss has to check my blood-pressure. Feel really awesome.
  • Only take one sick day.
This month
  • Start to feel better. Get more energy. Get an appetite. 
  • Ryan starts school. Shows me something he learned in Excel. Don't understand it. Smile.
  • Tell Ryan I'm showing. He tells me I'm not yet. I am though.
  • Grow a new obsession with Cliff bars.
  • Get tickets to the Dew Tour. See Sean White skateboard. Think he is awesome.
  • Hear the heartbeat again. Amazes me every time.
  • Dr. changes my due date to April 1st. 
  • Went to Noodles 3 times this week. Can't stop craving chicken noodle soup.
  • Love being pregnant.