Cyanotype Pears

I was just going through some old photos in my basement and I found this series I did for my final in my Historical Processes class. I went out and shot some images of pears, printed them to be film negatives,  made cyanotypes out of them and then I watercolored them. It took weeks to finish. I loved the class and making cyanotypes so I thought I'd post these. 


we're back

After 3 days of driving we finally made it back to Idaho! It's been great to get back to our friends and family but it's been really great just spending more time with Ryan. This past week we've had a cookout, gone 4-wheeling, taken my sister and my favorite nieces and nephew fishing, gotten hustled by the games at the fair (by games I mean one game...we lost around $20 before I had to drag Ryan away), and I was able to get back to school to start my last semester and prep for my BFA photography show! I'll post more pictures later about those. It's so nice being back!