don't worry.

(Lauren at 1 week old)
During the past three weeks I've learned a few lessons about being a new mom. At first, ok and maybe still, I was a little stressed when things wouldn't go perfectly as planned. 
Then I realized...don't worry.
  • Don't worry. You will sleep through the night again. Eventually.
  • Don't worry. OxiClean will take care of it.
  • Don't worry. When changing a diaper, don't think what its costing.
  • Don't worry. If getting up in the middle of the night is the worst thing in your life, you're pretty blessed. Especially if its to spend time with bean.
  • Don't worry. If she wakes up early, just enjoy the extra time together.
  • Don't worry. If you need some you time, take it. Even if its wasting time.
  • Don't worry. Sometimes you might go crazy being stuck in the house. For now, just enjoy the down time with the new addition and embrace the fact that you can get away with sitting in your pjs all day.
  • Don't worry. I won't have to sleep with a towel up my shirt forever. (The leaking will eventually stop, right?)
  • Don't worry. Even if she has a poop blowout right after you just changed her diaper. And changed her into her pjs. And gave her a bath.
  • Simply stated. Life is too short. Don't worry. (Besides..how cute is she?!)



It all happened April 2nd. Right as the clock brought in April 2nd to be exact. 
Here is Lauren's (condensed) birth story...
12am- Contractions woke me up. Told Ryan they were starting and his eyes didn't leave the clock until they were 3 minutes apart.
2am- Ryan yelling at me to get in the car. I still wasn't convinced this was happening.
2:30am- Checked into the hospital.
4am- Working through contractions, but was barely dilated.
5am- Got the epidural.
5:05am- Completely relaxed. Took a nap.
8am- Dilated to an 8.
9am- Dilated to a 9. Was told I would have her within the hour.
10am- Told I needed to wait for the Doctor. Took a nap.
11am- Still waiting for Doctor. Broke my water.
11:30am- Started pushing while waiting for Doctor.
11:40am- Told to stop pushing so hard.
11:45am- Told to stop pushing all together.
12:15pm- Doctor arrives. Began pushing again.
12:21pm- Lauren was born.

Let me just say that giving birth was nothing that I had expected. Most of all, I couldn't have prepared myself for the first moment I saw Lauren. I never knew what it meant to have a full heart, but in that moment my heart couldn't have been fuller, my life more meaningful and complete. 
Ryan and I are so blessed to have her...our new little lo lo bean.