saddleback sunday ya'll.

Hi All.
First off, just wanted to give myself a little pat on the back for still keeping up on my resolutions for this year. Ok. So its still January. But, I am proud none the less.

One of my resolutions was to get out and photograph more, which has totally been on the back-burner since I had Lo. Saddleback Sunday just so happens to be when my cowboy, lil' lady and I saddle-up the good old 4Runner and explore the great outdoors. 

Welcome, my friends, to Saddleback Sunday.


it begins.

I saw this and decided it was time for me to make some changes. I always push things off, waste time, blah blah blah. Since I had Lo I've been saying the words 'maybe tomorrow' all too often. Time to do something my future self will thank me for! I have a large list (I think the word Ryan used was 'ambitious') of resolutions and it's time to kick it into gear. Here is my thing--when I was working I always thought how much I could get done if I was at home all day. Now that I'm home all day, there is NO reason I can't get at least three basic things done everyday: Read scriptures, workout, and clean whatever is on the list for the day. Done. Besides that, I have organizing, projects, and art shows in mind.
So far, so good! Wish me luck! This won't be the last you hear from me!


goodbye 2012.

Wow. Lots has happened since my last post. A quick recap, shall we?
  • Bought a house.
  • Drove Ryan crazy with my constant decorating ideas.
  • Lauren learned to crawl on Thanksgiving Day.
  • She has grown particularly fond of Cheerios 
  • until she decides she is done and feeds them all to Winston.
  • Celebrated Christmas with family, teething, and the flu.
  • (that is not why I'm holding a mug in our Christmas card)
  • Had a festive New Years in Rexburg.
  • By festive I mean the entire family falling asleep to the new Batman movie and waking up just in time to see the ball drop.
  • Hope everyone had a great holiday season!