instagram snippets.

  • Love watching Lo grow and change everyday. Try to keep up with the house when she sleeps. Try to soak it all in when she wakes up.
  • Ryan turned 30. Cried about it the whole day.
  • My biker husband rode past orange traffic cones. Crashed his bike. Duh. Started acting funny. Took him to the Hospital. Checked out fine.
  • Decided the Hospital waiting room is a fun place to hang out if you want some excitement. Between Malaria, broken bones, meltdowns, and a girl who passed out while checking in, I think I've found my new Gray's Anatomy.
  • Ry found a 'sweet deal' on a new bike. 100 times nicer than his old one. 
  • I think he planned the crash.
  • Ryan asked me three times to go to the rodeo. 
  • Went when he finally asked the fourth.
  • Winst is getting more sun than me this summer.
  • Began our house hunting adventure. Think we may have found the one.
  • Made the same fourth cake as I did last year. Turned out much worse.
  • Went to the parade and watched fireworks from our balcony. 
  • Can't help but feel truly blessed.



It seems a new trend is popping out for home decor-and thats wallpaper. I always thought wallpaper was sort of dated and messy, but these fun papers put a whole new meaning to 'accent wall'.
1. Perfect childhood space Origami Wallpaper. Dottir and Sonur2. Subtle art nouveau design. Barbara Hulanicki for Graham and Brown. 3. Too-lazy-to-paint wallpaper. Ferm Living. 4. Dramatic and bold. Phyllis Morris. 5. Chic and loud. Ferm Living. 6. Perfectly different in a perfectly different room. Katie Ridder via Design Sponge.


instagram snippets.

  • Went out on our first date without the baby. Ate until we were full then went to another restaurant to stuff ourselves with dessert. Guess we don't get out much anymore.
  • Lo took more of a liking to her car seat. As long as the car is moving. Fast.
  • Had our monthly Buffalo Wild Wings outing with Ry's siblings. Watched Ry sweat over a mild set of wings while everyone laughed at him.
  • Started 'Waffle Weekend'
  • Felt what its like to have your baby poop all over your lap.
  • Found a snake living under our front step. Made Ryan kill it with a shovel.
  • Caught Ryan sleeping while watching Lo. Looks pretty safe, right?
  • Lauren mastered the art of 'tummy time', discovered her eyebrows, and has made it clear that she hates being swaddled.
  • She also loves when you say 'yo yo' and when you (try to) beatbox.
  • Celebrated Ryan's first Father's Day. Most know what a big deal this is since in previous years he wouldn't even eat dessert on Father's Day until I 'bore' him a child. 
  • Dessert was served this year.


summer projects.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have established an entire list of to-do's that seems really overwhelming (haven't we all). Babysteps, my friends. Here is my summer project list. What fun things do you hope to create?
1.Paint my outdoor table like this Design Sponge inspiration 2.Create a fun doormat using this similar technique 3.Shoot more film and get inspired here 4.Display this saying in a fun way for Lo's room. Maybe like this. Or this 5.Finish my branding and packaging in a way that says 'thank you' while still being classiccohesive, and simple


instagram snippets.

  • Ryan graduated with his Masters
  • Had a fantastic first Mother's Day full of waffles, tulips, gifts and a family barbeque
  • Enjoyed summer day walks and smore nights
  • Spent the weekend with my family enjoying spicy salads, good deals, Logan's new twins
  • Lauren melted our hearts with her new smiles and coo's
  • Kept catching Winston checking on Lo when she napped
  • He also leaves the room when she cries too loud
  • Surprised to find the only picture Lo likes in her book is the scary garbage bag face
  • Burned our eyes out trying to see the solar eclipse
  • Lauren greeted her family on her blessing day-wearing the same dress I was blessed in


no more nighttime mom.

I like my sleep. My husband can tell you that when I fall asleep on the sofa after we watch a movie, there is NO way he's getting me up to go to bed unless he actually carries me. When I'm asleep I like to keep it that way...which is funny because I have a 6 week old baby. Well I don't get up in the night anymore, my friends. Let me introduce you to the wonderful Babywise. Lauren went 8 hours between feedings last night and mommy is ready to take on the day. 


don't worry.

(Lauren at 1 week old)
During the past three weeks I've learned a few lessons about being a new mom. At first, ok and maybe still, I was a little stressed when things wouldn't go perfectly as planned. 
Then I realized...don't worry.
  • Don't worry. You will sleep through the night again. Eventually.
  • Don't worry. OxiClean will take care of it.
  • Don't worry. When changing a diaper, don't think what its costing.
  • Don't worry. If getting up in the middle of the night is the worst thing in your life, you're pretty blessed. Especially if its to spend time with bean.
  • Don't worry. If she wakes up early, just enjoy the extra time together.
  • Don't worry. If you need some you time, take it. Even if its wasting time.
  • Don't worry. Sometimes you might go crazy being stuck in the house. For now, just enjoy the down time with the new addition and embrace the fact that you can get away with sitting in your pjs all day.
  • Don't worry. I won't have to sleep with a towel up my shirt forever. (The leaking will eventually stop, right?)
  • Don't worry. Even if she has a poop blowout right after you just changed her diaper. And changed her into her pjs. And gave her a bath.
  • Simply stated. Life is too short. Don't worry. (Besides..how cute is she?!)



It all happened April 2nd. Right as the clock brought in April 2nd to be exact. 
Here is Lauren's (condensed) birth story...
12am- Contractions woke me up. Told Ryan they were starting and his eyes didn't leave the clock until they were 3 minutes apart.
2am- Ryan yelling at me to get in the car. I still wasn't convinced this was happening.
2:30am- Checked into the hospital.
4am- Working through contractions, but was barely dilated.
5am- Got the epidural.
5:05am- Completely relaxed. Took a nap.
8am- Dilated to an 8.
9am- Dilated to a 9. Was told I would have her within the hour.
10am- Told I needed to wait for the Doctor. Took a nap.
11am- Still waiting for Doctor. Broke my water.
11:30am- Started pushing while waiting for Doctor.
11:40am- Told to stop pushing so hard.
11:45am- Told to stop pushing all together.
12:15pm- Doctor arrives. Began pushing again.
12:21pm- Lauren was born.

Let me just say that giving birth was nothing that I had expected. Most of all, I couldn't have prepared myself for the first moment I saw Lauren. I never knew what it meant to have a full heart, but in that moment my heart couldn't have been fuller, my life more meaningful and complete. 
Ryan and I are so blessed to have her...our new little lo lo bean.


sitting. hoping. waiting. wishing.

39 (almost 40) weeks pregnant.

Nursery ready. Books read. Outfits sewn. Everything washed. Labor studied. Schedules made. Bags packed. Swing tested. Car seat installed. Nerves are high. 

Anytime now, baby. We are set.


home stretch.

29 Weeks Pregnant

Its official. I'm on my final stretch of pregnancy! We can't wait to meet this little girl. The past three months have flown by....
  • Was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. Thats right. Prego bridesmaid yo.
  • Embarrassingly balled my eyes out the entire evening. Hormones.
  • Flew to the Oregon coast. Went on walks. Ate good food. Read some books. Went over baby names. Had a great weekend with the husband, just the two of us, before the baby comes.
  • Spent Thanksgiving with Ry's family. Went bowling. Beat everyone. Blame it on my new lack of balance.
  • Went to the Adobe Christmas party. Thought we met the real Mr T. It wasn't him. Spent the whole night winning tickets for drawings. Played game after game. Didn't win anything. 
  • Wrap dog treats for my brother and parent's dogs. Come home one day to find that Winston found the packages. Ate all the treats. All 20 huge sticks.
  • Crave cereal like crazy. Went through 2 boxes in 2 days.
  • Went home for Christmas. 
  • Made Banana Cream Pie for Christmas Eve. Brother says "Its good but something is weird with the crust." Thats because I forgot to cook it.
  • Went bowling. Talked a big talk. 6 year old niece beat me.
  • Made Orange Rolls for Christmas Morning. Ryan's family recipe. Turned out perfectly. 
  • Name cleared from the Banana Pie.
  • Opened a body pillow. Changed my pregnant life.
  • Cried openly in the store when they were out of something I needed. Ryan just hugged me. Hormones.
  • Randomly shout at work when baby kicks me in the ribs. The office is used to it now.
  • Took Glucose test. Tasted horrible. No diabetes. Feeling good.
  • Loving icecream. Baby loves it too.
  • Decide to repaint a dresser for the baby's room. Wore a mask while I did it in the driveway. Got some weird looks. Decide to put the handles in myself. Drill holes in the drawers. Took me hours. Husband tells me the drill was set to drill backwards. Not that surprised.
  • Have New Beginnings for the Young Women. Can't be more proud of these ladies.
  • Reach trimester 3 of pregnancy. 
  • Baby moves constantly. Keeps me company when I can't sleep.
  • Tell Ryan he should talk to her. Instead he sings "There's a hole in my bucket..."
  • Baby is still nameless. What did I tell ya?