logan and heather.

Here are a few portraits I took of my brother and sister last semester. It was so fun getting some time with them in the studio! I'm so glad I have such great examples in my life. Love you both and...'sorry about the fook'. haha





new info regarding my last post.

Since writing about Haiti yesterday I just found out that my friend Jen Hale will be selling loaves of bread and giving 100% of the money to the efforts in Haiti. Heres another way you can help!! The info is on her blog.



My days have become lazy lately. Really, really lazy. I have files and files of images to edit, goals to conquer, books to read, recipes to try, but for some reason I can't sum up the energy. Maybe its just because my brain has been going overtime these last 4 months...I think I feel like I owe it to myself to soak in the pure joy that watching Oprah and reruns of Friends has to offer me. Yeah, I'm pathetic guys. Actually Ryan and I's life has become pretty pathetic and I guess you can't blame jobless, school-less people like us. "This is what my life has come to," Ryan joked with Vic yesterday, "Watching Ellen with my wife." When Vic asked why he wasn't watching Oprah Ryan says, "Vic, don't you know Oprah doesn't start until 4?" Ok. Seriously pathetic. But, like Ryan amusingly told me last weekend, "My twenties have been a blast." haha. We seriously are so blessed even though we don't have much going for ourselves this winter. Which sort of leads me to my point.

Today I was just browsing the internet when I came upon these amazing images from Justin Hackworth (Utah Photographer) on his visit to Haiti last July. Then, it hit me. I've been a sack of nothing this whole month so far, completely disregarding the fact that I live a very blessed life. I take so much for granted. Here I was, sitting in my pj's still (pathetic, folks!) and I looked at these faces who were so happy and full of life this summer. I wondered what they were doing now. If they were still alive. If they had a home. I felt the sudden urge to do something about it and get off my butt and do something important. The people of Haiti truly need our help. Here are a few websites we can donate to: LDS Humanitarian Services and The American Red Cross. Lets make a difference and help out those in this world that need it. If any of you hear about any humanitarian projects to help Haiti please let me know! I've been thinking of making blankets or sending packages down there to help out as well. Anyway, I thought these images were beautiful and they touched me so I thought I should share them with you.


more portraits.

These few weeks have been really chill. I've just been hanging out, trying to get my photography website and everything set up and ready. I just had a 3 hour meeting with my brother (fabulous graphic designer) to make my logo. I'm getting excited to see it all finished. Anyway, I just found these portraits I did last semester and thought I'd post them.




portraits of dad.

Here are some portraits I did of my dad last semester. He's honestly the most amazing father. It's no wonder whoever meets him loves him. No, I'm not biased.



meet holga.

Ryan gave her to me for Christmas and I can't wait to spend more time with her.