last minute gift guide.

 For those of you who are avid blog readers, this type of gift guide/sweet things layout may be common to you. I just couldn't resist making my own last minute gift guide for you who are struggling to get your Christmas done. 
Check these out, then go get your Christmas shopping done already!
1. Circa Ceramics has some really fun ceramic dinnerware and kitchen accessories.
2. Check out this DIY portable fireplace from DesignSponge. For other DIY Christmas ideas click HERE.
3&4. CB2 has some amazing gift ideas like these fun mugs or chop sticks.

1. StoryByMia has some amazing calenders and cards. I LOVE these Eames chair designs.
2. Another StoryByMia design calander. Perfection.
    3. Smock. Beautifully designed letterpress cards and stationary.

1. ZenThreads. Guys and gals tees. Not to mention really great pillows and towels.
2. TieLab not your average ties. These are really great ideas for that guy in your life.
3. These are threads, I swear. Well, kindof. Anthropologie clothbound classics. These are a must.
4. TinyModernest I'm obsessed with Eames chairs. I know.


christmas carbonara.

Photo taken from MarthaStewart.com. I know, pathetic that I didn't take my own picture. 
Once I realized I wanted to, my bowl was already empty.
I used her Everyday Foods recipe as a base for this one.

A blog isn't a blog without a recipe here and there, am I right?

Carbonara. Carb being the keyword here, people. But, with the holidays coming up, you may as well eat up with all the other Christmas sweets. Enjoy!

Carbonara al la Hobson
Angel Hair pasta                  Peas, frozen and thawed
Bacon                                       1 Shallot, halved and sliced
2 or 3 eggs, beaten                   1 Cup Half and Half (maybe more depending on how you like it)
Cook pasta as directed. Meanwhile, cook bacon on a skillet on the stove. Once bacon is cooked, remove and drain grease. Place Peas and shallots in the same skillet (this part is important.) so that all of the yummy bacon flavoring still on the pan gets onto your peas and shallots. Saute and then add Half and Half. Bring to a boil and then turn down heat to a simmer, stirring all the while. Let sauce start to thicken. If pasta is done, drain but keep about 1 cup of the leftover pasta water and set aside. Place pasta back into the pot and coat with a little of the pasta water (not all of it). With the sauce still hot (thats important too), add beaten eggs, sauce and pasta all together -- all at the same time. Since the sauce is hot still, it will cook the eggs. Mix very well. If you need to, add a little of the leftover pasta water you saved, but not a lot if it has cooled off, or the eggs won't get cooked. Add salt and pepper and bits of bacon. Serve!

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season, filled with really good food!


mindy gledhill.

So, as many of you know, I work at Justin Hackworth Photography. This past week we had an amazing customer appreciation party, with a private show by Mindy Gledhill. She is amazing. If you don't know her, you should. Her latest cd is magic. Yes, I am bragging that I got to go to this private concert, but the truth of the matter is, Justin's clients are some of the coolest, realest people I know. It was so fun hanging out with them and I'm so glad that I could have been a part of this really great night! If you want to see more about the evening check here.

Photographed by the one and only Justin Hackworth


tomato. tom├Ąto.

I took this image 3 years ago...almost to the day. I was just messing around in the kitchen.
Its one of my favorites, even 3 years later.