instagram snippets.

  • Ryan graduated with his Masters
  • Had a fantastic first Mother's Day full of waffles, tulips, gifts and a family barbeque
  • Enjoyed summer day walks and smore nights
  • Spent the weekend with my family enjoying spicy salads, good deals, Logan's new twins
  • Lauren melted our hearts with her new smiles and coo's
  • Kept catching Winston checking on Lo when she napped
  • He also leaves the room when she cries too loud
  • Surprised to find the only picture Lo likes in her book is the scary garbage bag face
  • Burned our eyes out trying to see the solar eclipse
  • Lauren greeted her family on her blessing day-wearing the same dress I was blessed in


no more nighttime mom.

I like my sleep. My husband can tell you that when I fall asleep on the sofa after we watch a movie, there is NO way he's getting me up to go to bed unless he actually carries me. When I'm asleep I like to keep it that way...which is funny because I have a 6 week old baby. Well I don't get up in the night anymore, my friends. Let me introduce you to the wonderful Babywise. Lauren went 8 hours between feedings last night and mommy is ready to take on the day.