happy birthday love

This last weekend we celebrated Ryan's 27th birthday! Unfortunately now he keeps reminding me that a 27 year old should not be childless and if we wait any longer to have kids he'll be too old. (No this does not mean you should leave a comment about why I need to start trying to get pregnant...Abbie that goes for you especially.) This year all Ryan wanted was a boat, a truck and a new mountain bike. Wow. Maybe a baby would have been an easier present. After much thought, or not much thought since I knew the other 2 weren't happening, I decided to surprise him with a mountain bike. I was glad I did when I found him riding around the parking lot by himself as the sun was going down that evening. He was like an excited little kid. I felt like yelling to him "5 more minutes, honey, and then you need to come in". It was a really great day and we were blessed with really great weather. We had a picnic and cake with our friends out by the pool. Its really nice to have such great friends out here with us this summer. They feel like our family away from home. We love you guys and thanks for celebrating with us!!
Ryan, you never stop amazing me. Your love and excitement for life is admirable. I learn so much from you everyday. I love you. Happy birthday.


new york.

Thank goodness for girls trips! Last Monday we decided to drive down to NYC for a little shopping day (ps Only 2 hours away! Who's coming to visit now?!). We seriously shopped our hearts out on Canal Street and had a complete New York City experience. We watched undercover cops arrest knock off purse dealers, smelt probably the worst kinds of stinky Asian food I've ever come across, watched Jamie step in nast pee water and a mini squid in her flip flops, ran through the pouring rain (and I mean RAIN), fell over when the Subway started moving, watched the 'Naked Cowboy' harass Ashley and Caitlyn, and ate at simply the best chocolate restaurant I've ever been to: Max Brenner. (Woot.) Thanks New York!!
Our new purses...shopping trip complete!


simple things

A friend of mine just showed me this awesome video and I had to share it. It took over a year to make and he traveled to over 40 countries. Doesn't this make you want to travel the world and live your life to its fullest!? I LOVED it!! Dancing is universal. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best things.
(love the one from Tongatapu Tonga!)



I've got to admit that I have seriously been slacking lately. I've been out here since April and I've only gone out to take pictures once. PATHETIC!! I can't believe its JUNE already! I have spent way too much time at the pool and not enough time getting stuff done. I've made it a new goal to get off my behind and do some photographing. I've always been interested in mixed lighting so I thought I'd mess around a little with it at a local carnival this past weekend. Here are a couple of shots I liked...