home stretch.

29 Weeks Pregnant

Its official. I'm on my final stretch of pregnancy! We can't wait to meet this little girl. The past three months have flown by....
  • Was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. Thats right. Prego bridesmaid yo.
  • Embarrassingly balled my eyes out the entire evening. Hormones.
  • Flew to the Oregon coast. Went on walks. Ate good food. Read some books. Went over baby names. Had a great weekend with the husband, just the two of us, before the baby comes.
  • Spent Thanksgiving with Ry's family. Went bowling. Beat everyone. Blame it on my new lack of balance.
  • Went to the Adobe Christmas party. Thought we met the real Mr T. It wasn't him. Spent the whole night winning tickets for drawings. Played game after game. Didn't win anything. 
  • Wrap dog treats for my brother and parent's dogs. Come home one day to find that Winston found the packages. Ate all the treats. All 20 huge sticks.
  • Crave cereal like crazy. Went through 2 boxes in 2 days.
  • Went home for Christmas. 
  • Made Banana Cream Pie for Christmas Eve. Brother says "Its good but something is weird with the crust." Thats because I forgot to cook it.
  • Went bowling. Talked a big talk. 6 year old niece beat me.
  • Made Orange Rolls for Christmas Morning. Ryan's family recipe. Turned out perfectly. 
  • Name cleared from the Banana Pie.
  • Opened a body pillow. Changed my pregnant life.
  • Cried openly in the store when they were out of something I needed. Ryan just hugged me. Hormones.
  • Randomly shout at work when baby kicks me in the ribs. The office is used to it now.
  • Took Glucose test. Tasted horrible. No diabetes. Feeling good.
  • Loving icecream. Baby loves it too.
  • Decide to repaint a dresser for the baby's room. Wore a mask while I did it in the driveway. Got some weird looks. Decide to put the handles in myself. Drill holes in the drawers. Took me hours. Husband tells me the drill was set to drill backwards. Not that surprised.
  • Have New Beginnings for the Young Women. Can't be more proud of these ladies.
  • Reach trimester 3 of pregnancy. 
  • Baby moves constantly. Keeps me company when I can't sleep.
  • Tell Ryan he should talk to her. Instead he sings "There's a hole in my bucket..."
  • Baby is still nameless. What did I tell ya?