the fair.

Running a little behind on my editing, obviously. Here are some images I took when Ryan and I hit up the Utah state fair this fall. Maybe you remember last time I went to the fair in Nashville? Enjoy.

ch ch ch changes.

I understand that it is January 25th, not January 1st. You might have to excuse me on my late entrance into the new year. Just call me fashionably late. I feel like this month has completely snuck up on me and left me here, on the 25th. To make a long story short, this 'new year' has brought about a lot of changes. A lot of unexpected, very motivating, very interesting changes.

After an interview for a small night position at Stevens Henager College, I have turned around and found myself as the new assistant to the Dean of Graphic Arts. Don't worry, I'm still working for the great Justin Hackworth (and I'm hoping that it will still work out) and have more than quadrupled my workload. And get ready folks, because my amazing brother has completed my long awaited logo, my website has been purchased and I am in the process of designing the basics. Oh and did I mention I dyed my dark hair again? Ok, well, thats probably not a surprise to anyone, but still a change.

I started out the year with a completely different expectation on the year, but you just don't know what life has in store for you. I have a lot of high hopes for 2011 and although this year isn't starting out exactly how I had planned, I'm certain that 2011 will bring plenty of great and amazing things and I'm SO excited!!

So..as David Bowie would say..."Time may change me, but I can't trace time"

And I've stopped trying.