urban streets

About a month ago my brother hooked me up with this great photography job for a fashion show that is raising money for charity. He had me send him some urban photos that I'd taken and he showed them to his client and I got the job!! I just thought I'd post a couple shots that he's going to use for fliers and slideshows for the event.


4th of july weekend

This past week my parents came to Philadelphia to visit. It was so much fun to have them here and it was great to learn more about our country's history around the Forth of July holiday. We traveled from one end of the state to the other (rocking out to Michael Jackson RIP) and were able to visit some amazing places. On the way to Gettysburg I had to stop along the side of the road so I could photograph an old house. Here is one of the shots-the house dates back before the Revolutionary War. (sorry for the photo overload)
When we got to Gettysburg it was the anniversary of the battle. As we stood on the battlefield we found out that at that exact moment 146 years ago, we were standing where the Union army would have been and Confederate soldiers would have been running right for us. It was a really cool experience. Here are a few shots-the hill where we were standing and an old cannon used in the war.
The next day we went to Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Falling Water'...my absolute favorite part of our whole trip!!!! I've always appreciated the architecture (who wouldn't), especially after doing a presentation on him for my art history class last semester but it was SO GREAT to see it in person! It was amazing.
We made the trip back to Philadelphia where we saw the sights around the city and celebrated the 4th. I had SO much fun!! Thanks for coming to visit! We love you!