I've been meaning to post some of these for a while. While shooting for a portrait assignment some of us got a little carried away. It was such a fun afternoon!

a few more.

Since I already posted an image of Jacob I thought I'd post a few more of my favorites from the shoot. Enjoy! Thanks guys for letting me take your pictures!



I just took Josh and Heidi's family pictures and I could not help but post this one right away. Who could resist that face!? He's adorable. More to come!


student show.

Here are some older images I did for my photo3 class where I did a project on phobias. My teacher recommended that I turn these in for the student art show on campus-basically everyone turns in work and they judge who gets in. I found out yesterday that one of them made it into the show! Theres a lot of amazing work in there so go check it out.

car wash.

Just in need of a good laugh (really desperately) and Rob and Big never let me down. (ignore the Viacom comment..got this off youtube)



I finally got Madison's images done and here are my favorites (it was nearly impossible to choose only a few). Thanks again Maddi i love you! (single boys,watch out.)