instagram snippets.

  • Love watching Lo grow and change everyday. Try to keep up with the house when she sleeps. Try to soak it all in when she wakes up.
  • Ryan turned 30. Cried about it the whole day.
  • My biker husband rode past orange traffic cones. Crashed his bike. Duh. Started acting funny. Took him to the Hospital. Checked out fine.
  • Decided the Hospital waiting room is a fun place to hang out if you want some excitement. Between Malaria, broken bones, meltdowns, and a girl who passed out while checking in, I think I've found my new Gray's Anatomy.
  • Ry found a 'sweet deal' on a new bike. 100 times nicer than his old one. 
  • I think he planned the crash.
  • Ryan asked me three times to go to the rodeo. 
  • Went when he finally asked the fourth.
  • Winst is getting more sun than me this summer.
  • Began our house hunting adventure. Think we may have found the one.
  • Made the same fourth cake as I did last year. Turned out much worse.
  • Went to the parade and watched fireworks from our balcony. 
  • Can't help but feel truly blessed.


tim-berly said...

Oh Ryan, I'd seriously hoped you'd learned by now not to go around orange cones.... :P

Lesli said...

Megs your fam is just to cute!! What is your instagram username?!?! I would love to follow you!!