instagram snippets.

  • Went out on our first date without the baby. Ate until we were full then went to another restaurant to stuff ourselves with dessert. Guess we don't get out much anymore.
  • Lo took more of a liking to her car seat. As long as the car is moving. Fast.
  • Had our monthly Buffalo Wild Wings outing with Ry's siblings. Watched Ry sweat over a mild set of wings while everyone laughed at him.
  • Started 'Waffle Weekend'
  • Felt what its like to have your baby poop all over your lap.
  • Found a snake living under our front step. Made Ryan kill it with a shovel.
  • Caught Ryan sleeping while watching Lo. Looks pretty safe, right?
  • Lauren mastered the art of 'tummy time', discovered her eyebrows, and has made it clear that she hates being swaddled.
  • She also loves when you say 'yo yo' and when you (try to) beatbox.
  • Celebrated Ryan's first Father's Day. Most know what a big deal this is since in previous years he wouldn't even eat dessert on Father's Day until I 'bore' him a child. 
  • Dessert was served this year.

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Chelsey said...

LOVING your hair! Looks gorgeous longer. Can't believe how big Lo is getting.. she's beautiful (as I always suspected). So glad dessert was served this year!